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Proprietary technology by Trident3.

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T3id acts like a digital fingerprint to identify individuals across the blockchain and wallets.


  • Verified identity (social networks)

  • Cross-wallet identity (account(s) identification)

  • Ownership of digital and real life assets


T3id is a unique digital fingerprint adding another layer of security. This is non-transferable, safe and secure. It acts as a source of identity for single sign-on across all Web3 experiences.

T3id Digital Identity

Blockchain-based digital identity.

Once dropped in the wallet, the user can add as much as they want to authenticate their identity.


People add T3id to all their wallets, @ unique name, signed certificate (e.g. passport, drivers license, Covid card, etc.), Badges (companies user works for), etc.

@ name they can reserve and can’t be changed

Profile Picture

Up to 3 badges

  • Companies they work for

  • Achievements or special badges

  • Certificates or degrees

Number of wallets connected

Signed certificates/public keys that they certify as themselves

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T3id Data

Go beyond traditional analytics. We blend Web3 with our proprietary AI/ML modeling to deliver data with deeper insights.

  • Forecasting and trend spotting

  • Spending power

  • Spending tendency

  • Map social graph

  • Full blockchain transaction history

  • Signed smart contracts (e.g., loyalty membership or metaverse)

  • Purchase interests

  • Brand fit

  • Relationship interactions across platforms and brands

  • Behavioral segmentation


Brands are utilizing blockchain technologies to engage consumers at a deeper level. They are using tools like Loyalty Programs, Metaverse Experiences, NFT Marketplaces and Gaming.  All of these platforms create extremely valuable data on the blockchain.

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Data is underutilized in Web3.


Blockchain is primarily transactions and is useless unless you can pair that data to specific customers, which is extremely difficult because of the blockchain's size and complexity.


Data is underutilized in Web3 because traversing the blockchain for it and pairing the data is extremely difficult.

The Web3 Cookie

Paring data across the blockchain and wallets to individual customers.

Trident3’s proprietary technology sorts through the petabytes of data and makes identifying and paring customer profiles simple and scalable, unlocking deeper insights into each customer and market group.


The Biscuit is a simple and scalable way to connect the petabytes of data on the blockchain to specific customer profiles.


This data when processed with our proprietary Ai/ML data suite, can create actionable insights to drive significant revenue.

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