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About Us

Our Experience

We have been working with enterprise brands for over 30 years

and specifically in the NFT/Metaverse space since 2017


Luxury, Automotive, Fashion, Beer, Wine & Spirits

Sports & Entertainment

Fortune 500, Retail, CPG

Travel, Hotel & Hospitality

Our Mission

We make blockchain and wallets safer and more intelligent so everyone can take advantage of its benefits.

Users unknowingly provide access to hackers no matter how safe and secure blockchains and wallets are. Users need protection from themselves for security, identity, and data.

Trident3 offers a way to build trust and confidence between users, each other, and enterprises. The safer people feel the more they will take advantage of newer technology, and the better they can make their lives.


Honored Graduate of the Outlier Ventures Accelerator Program

Trident3 was chosen as one of only 13 companies to take part in this highly selective program, with less than 2% of all applicants being accepted.

Outlier Ventures is the leading Web3 accelerator and founder community. They invest and partner with the best founders in Web3 every year no matter where they are in the world, supporting projects across DeFi, NFTs, blockchain infrastructure and more.

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Enter Web3

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