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NEAR Protocol and Mintbase Partner with Trident3 to Revolutionize Blockchain Identity and Intelligence for Enterprise Brands and Financial Institutions

NEW YORK, NY - May 21 - Mintbase, a leading platform for creating and managing non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and NEAR Protocol, a premier layer 1 blockchain, have announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Trident3, a pioneer in blockchain identity and business intelligence solutions. This strategic partnership aims to leverage data and digital identity to drive business intelligence for enterprise brands and financial institutions launching on NEAR Protocol.

The partnership between Mintbase and Trident3 is a significant advancement in user identity verification within the NEAR ecosystem. With Trident3's expertise in data and digital identity, Mintbase and NEAR adopt T3id™, a peer-to-peer identity verification solution, to enhance security and trust within the Web3 environment. T3id™ serves as a digital fingerprint, ensuring seamless identity verification of individuals or entities across various blockchain networks. Their combined adoption of T3id™ will provide users with an added layer of security, fostering confidence in engaging with NFTs in Web3 environments.

Paul Kuveke, COO of Mintbase, remarked, "T3id™ represents a groundbreaking approach to identity verification within the blockchain space. By integrating T3id™ into our platform, Mintbase aims to enhance user identity verification capabilities, further enhancing the current user experience."

Steve Goldstein, Co-founder and CEO of Trident3, highlighted the importance of T3id™ in fostering trust and security in blockchain transactions, stating, "Blockchains today resemble the early 2000s eCommerce era—a promising landscape awaiting widespread adoption contingent upon users' trust and security. T3id™ presents a pivotal solution: empowering every user to authenticate the identity of transaction counterparts, whether individuals, corporations, or cross-border payment entities."

In addition to enhancing security measures, NEAR Protocol's collaboration with Trident3 introduces T3id™ as a pivotal layer of defense against breaches stemming from human error. T3id™ provides seamless identity verification and authentication of individuals or entities across any blockchain or wallet, transcending mere digital identity by linking blockchain data with users, furnishing brands with invaluable insights and facilitating tailored customer experiences.

Furthermore, as an integral part of the NEAR ecosystem, Mintbase will integrate T3id™ into their wallets, fortifying security measures and fostering trust within the Mintbase community.

NEAR Protocol's commitment to rendering blockchain user-friendly, highly secure, and infinitely scalable empowers blockchain stakeholders with a competitive edge in the industry. This partnership marks a significant milestone in embracing digital identity across blockchain infrastructure and accelerates its mainstream adoption.


About Mintbase

Mintbase is an end-to-end web3 infrastructure provider to enable cutting edge NFT experiences. With a user-friendly interface and innovative features, Mintbase empowers brands, creators and users to tokenize, trade, and own digital assets in Web3 environments.

About NEAR

NEAR Protocol is a fully sharded, proof-of-stake blockchain built for mainstream adoption. Performant, scalable, and secure, NEAR is designed to scale the Open Web to a billion users with Chain Abstraction.

About Trident3

Trident3 is leveraging data and digital identity to drive business intelligence on the blockchain. T3id™ is the leading peer-to-peer identity verification solution for Web3. Acting as a digital fingerprint, T3id™ identifies and authenticates individuals or companies across any blockchain or wallet. Beyond identity verification, T3id™ provides a seamless and scalable solution connecting the vast amounts of data on the blockchain to user profiles, unlocking valuable insights for enterprise brands, and enhancing consumer experiences while granting users full autonomy over their identity and data.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Tom Lammers, COO

Mobile: +1-917-406-8691

Telegram: @TomLammers

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