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  • Tony Fannin


We believe the promise of Web3, metaverse, and NFTs makes this possible. Now brands have the opportunity to become destinations.

During Web2, social media exploded and became the dominant platform where people engaged and developed communities. Concurrently, brands saw these platforms as a great way to advertise and connect with customers. While this is true. The downside is brands now have lost “ownership” of the customer relationship. Social platforms now own the relationship and the customer data, and they are after their wallets with e-commerce woven into the new features.

Web3 brings hope to brands.

The premise of Web3 is decentralization. Monopolies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon will no longer be gatekeepers of your brand. Companies can level up the concept of D2C (direct-to-consumer) by creating environments that deliver entertainment, lifestyle, community, and e-commerce.

What is “brand as a platform”?

To counter the dominance of social platforms and leverage the new advantages Web3 offers, we believe in the strategy of Brand as a Platform. This means brands can become their own platform where communities can engage with each other around the love of the brand and the lifestyle that comes with it.

Entertainment, lifestyle, commerce, and most importantly, communities exist and thrive. If you own the platform, then you own the community.

The Next Wave

We’re excited to see what opportunities and innovations Web3, metaverse, and NFTs will bring to the evolution of this space. We’re even more excited to be an integral part of the technology leading this change, the next wave of building brands through direct connection with customers and creating unique experiences.

Tony Fannin, Chief Market Officer – Trident3


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