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Digital Identity and Data For Web3


Trident3™ proprietary data and digital identity solutions drives business intelligence on and off the blockchain.

Trident3 delivers deeper customer knowledge across Web2 and Web3 by combining peer-to-peer identity verification, AI-driven data, and a brand hub that centralizes data from all Web3 activations.

Three features. One solution.


Leading peer-to-peer identity verification

T3id is the leading peer-to-peer identity verification solution for Web3 that acts as a digital fingerprint, identifies, and authenticates individuals or companies across any blockchain or wallet.

Trustless, frictionless, seamless, automatic

BISCUIT™ (Web3 cookie)

AI/ML predictive modeling

Track brand fit, social graph, spending power

Go beyond traditional analytics, which tells you what HAS happened, and see how our Biscuit can show you WILL happen and HOW to make it happen. By linking vast amounts of blockchain data to individual users we can unlock valuable insights for brands while enhancing user experiences.


The center of your Web3 strategy

Provides SSO across all brands and initatives

The Master Brand Hub manages all your Web3 initiatives from any partner or vendor. Your hub centralizes all data, AI/ML functions, brand initiatives, and customer experiences in one place making management simple.

Web3 + Data + AI.
The Trident3 Difference

Trident3 delivers deeper insights leading to more precise intelligent decision-making.

What HAS happened

Current data analytics and tools can tell you what HAS happened.

Traditional Analytics

What WILL happen

Centralize, analyze data:

  • Proprietary Biscuit collects customer data, social network.

  • Centralize data on all brand activities.

  • Interprets, analyzes data on Web2 and Web3.

Trident3 Core3

How to MAKE it happen

Trident3 T3id & Biscuit

Provides deeper insights with AI:

  • Forecast market trends.

  • Forecasts individual customer behaviors, trends, and preferences.

  • Provides accurate data points for business plans and strategies.

DEEPER intelligence

Trident3 T3id & Biscuit

The deeper insights leads to more intelligent decision- making:

  • Deeper intelligence at scale.

  • Speed of result allows for quicker adjustments on the fly.

  • Decisions based on real-time data.


Outliers Ventures Accelerator

Global marketing and Web3 agency

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Connect with us

Connect with us

For a deeper dive or a demo, connect with us and we’ll be happy to show you how we can help you uncover more business intelligence to meet business objectives.

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